In Northwest Michigan most of us believe that if you work hard and save you should be able to live in a safe home. We want communities where our children and grandchildren are able to live or return. But Northwest Michigan is becoming a more and more difficult place for young families and working people to live. Not enough new homes are being built. Homes for rent are being pulled off the market for short term rentals like Airbnb. For these and other reasons, housing costs have surged past local incomes and there is a real shortage of homes. Teachers, health care workers, first responders and other middle class workers young and old are not able to live in our communities. They have to drive from farther and farther away to work or they leave our region altogether. We run the risk of creating communities where only the most wealthy can afford to live. This shortage of homes can be solved! By working with developers, making common sense updates to zoning and helping employers and citizens to create new housing options, we can ensure that our communities remain places where all people can live, work, raise families and thrive.


To help the region understand and take part in housing solutions, the Homes For Our Future campaign is being organized by Housing North and its partners throughout Northwest MIchigan. Originally launched in early 2020 right before the pandemic, the campaign is a call to action from the public, local governments, employers, and community organizations, and is intended to provide clear courses of action and resources about how to engage in, support, and lead work towards housing solutions.

There are four main goals for the Homes for Our Future campaign in 2021:

  • Creation of local committees to support grassroots advocacy including advocacy training events and development and promotion of an advocacy toolkit.

  • Increased numbers of the general public as advocates and campaign supporters.

  • Adoption of resolutions by county and local governments and sponsorships/endorsements by employers/affiliate advocacy groups.

  • Introduction of Housing Ready Checklists to local/county governments in the 10-county region.



Housing North is a non-profit formed by many partners to overcome the barriers that stand in the way of housing solutions for rural communities in Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Emmet, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau, Manistee, Missaukee, and Wexford counties. Founded by Rotary Charities, the Frey Foundation, and Networks Northwest, Housing North is governed by a 10-member Board of Directors representing business, philanthropy, local government, and more. It works to build awareness, influence policy, and expand capacity so communities can create housing solutions that meet their unique needs.


The Homes for Our Future campaign is a Housing North program, designed to support its strategic priority of building awareness about housing solutions to the many audiences that play roles in those solutions.

For more information about Housing North, please visit housingnorth.org