I want to advocate, but how?

Advocacy seeks to ensure that all people are able to: Have their voice heard on issues that are important to them, like housing. The lack of housing in our communities affects economic growth, diversity, social development, and overall opportunity. But, how do we advocate? who should I reach out to in my community? These and many more questions are answered here in our Local Housing Advocacy Tips and Resources handout. 

In February 2021, we hosted an Advocacy 101 training to also help you frame your message for support. To access the recording of the training, please click here. For additional advocacy resources you can access:


Endorse the Homes for Our Future Campaign

Individual citizens, community groups, and local governments can show a united front in support of Homes for Our Future by endorsing the campaign or passing a resolution. A sample resolution is available below. Individual citizens can endorse the campaign by checking the box on the form below.

Sample Resolution for Businesses & Organizations

Encourage Your Local Government to Take Action

Local governments can make way for housing solutions by changing zoning laws, providing tax incentives, and working proactively with development partners. But they need to hear from citizens in order to move forward. To get engaged, you can attend community meetings to make sure your voice is heard, or work

directly with local officials or staff. You can contact your local housing network for assistance in communicating with your local officials, and stay in the loop on current proposals by signing up for updates.

Sample Resolution for Local Governments

Community Housing Networks Links

Sign Up

You can sign up below on the "Get Involved" form to receive local updates and regional news on events, trainings, important public meetings, and more.

Share Your Story

Individual stories about housing needs-and successes-are powerful advocacy tools. You can share yours by completing the Get Involved form below. If you'd like us to keep it anonymous, just let us know.

Contact Your Legislators


Make sure your legislator knows what you think about Housing North's policy priorities. We want you to reach out to our legislators and let them know housing matters for all of us! Click here to find your legislator. Sample letters on how to reach out are coming soon!  


Housing North has an advocacy strategy and diverse policy initiatives to support housing for Northwest Michigan. Click here and learn more about our current policy initiatives.