The City of Boyne and the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce have taken proactive roles in working with partners to address housing needs, convening, leading, and supporting community-wide conversations about housing needs and solutions. City officials have identified housing as a priority issue, and have worked to adopt and promote policies supporting housing development. A 2017 Boyne City Housing Summit, along with a Chamber-led event in 2018, have focused on educating local officials and the public about housing needs, opportunities, and solutions. In 2018, with leadership from the Chamber, community members are working to identify and support high-priority actions around infrastructure, zoning, and publicly-owned property.

For more information about the Boyne Area Housing Solutions meetings and initiatives please click here or contact Steve Schnell, Charlevoix County Housing Ready Director at 

NEWS - Manufactured Home Community Information

There is an application submitted to the City of Boyne City for a rezoning to accommodate a new manufactured home community in Boyne City. The first step of the process is a rezoning to a new district that will allow for manufactured homes on 30 acres of property on Jefferson Street. This will not be subsidized housing. It will be housing that creates opportunities for people to live in the community at a purchase price that is typically lower. Manufactured housing has changed a lot over the years and they offer an attainable housing option for many. We have created some resources to help you understand this housing type and how it can serve the local workforce housing needs.  (Click here to see the agenda for the July 20th public hearing regarding this rezoning.)

Other information about Manufactured Housing Community

Fox Run - A planned manufactured home community - Project Information

This link takes you to the project information summary provided by the project developer and it describes the project in detail.

Rezoning request for 30 acres at 600 Jefferson Street, Boyne City 

This link takes you to an application that was submitted by the developer to the City of Boyne City.

Manufactured Housing: A Solution to Indiana’s Worsening Workforce Housing Shortage by the Kelley School of Business – This is a report by MBA students who were reviewing the potential for manufactured housing to be one part of a solution to workforce housing. There are some points made in here about some of the changes that are needed in our systems to make this type of housing more accepted such as improvements to how they are financed.

Manufactured Home Community Information – This link is to a paper by Grounded Solutions, which provides information from a neutral viewpoint on how this type of housing fulfills a need in the housing market and addresses myths about this type of housing. Something to note is that Michigan has laws in place to reduce the likelihood that some of the worst-case scenarios outlined in this paper would happen here in regard to rent increases for these types of communities.

Boyne Area Housing Solutions upcoming meeting and agendas: