Employers all across the region are struggling to find and hire the workers they need - often because those would-be workers can’t find housing. While many employers aren’t in a position to buy or build the housing their employees need, they can still support housing initiatives in many other ways - as advocates, investors, and partners in development.



Employers make powerful advocates at the local level and beyond. Click here for information on how to endorse the campaign, sign up for updates, share housing stories, and connect with local governments and groups.


Learn More

Understanding housing needs and solutions is an important first step in moving the region forward. You can get informed by attending local meetings and presentation, or browsing the studies, plans and other documents available on this website. Click here for more resources and fill out the Get Involved form below to sign up for information on presentations and meetings.

Make Your Community Housing Ready

Is your community ready for development? Or does it need to update its zoning ordinance before builders can provide the type of housing your community needs? Employers and community organizations can encourage their communities to become "Housing Ready" by completing the Housing Ready Checklist. More information is available here.