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Housing North Announces New Executive Director

On April 15, 2020 Housing North introduced Yarrow Brown, Housing North's new Executive Director who will replace Sarah Lucas as of May 4th, 2020. Click on the link below to learn more about Yarrow's background and her role with Housing North. 

COVID-19 & Housing: What does it mean? 

In this short update, we explain what the COVID-19 Pandemic means for housing. To access Housing North's position and recommendations in response to this crisis, click here

Housing Matters Newsletter

The Housing Matters newsletter is an ongoing update of Housing North's work in the region.  It provides information on events, advocacy opportunities, regional housing initiatives, and information on how to get involved with Homes for our Future and partners. To sign up for the newsletter and our mailing list, click here

Housing Matters Newsletter - June 2021

Housing Matters Newsletter - April 2021

Housing Matters Newsletter - March 2021

Housing Matters Newsletter - February 2021

Traverse City Record Eagle - Housing North's Column

In this column at the Traverse City Record-Eagle, we discuss relevant topics, policy news, alternatives and solutions for housing in our region and communities. Please see below each article and don't forget to share!

Yarrow Brown: Let's make housing Attainable for All - January 2021 

Yarrow Brown: Missing Middle: Key to regional housing solutions - February  2021 

Yarrow Brown: Soaring lumber cost complicates housing solutions - May 2021

We work regionally to lead action from the public, local governments, employers, and community organizations and we aim to offer clear courses of action and resources about how to participate in housing solutions. Explore the calendar below and learn more about events, community network meetings, reserve your attendance and more. 

If you'd like to list your community event or would like to connect with us to come to your community presentation or discussion, email us at

CALL TO ACTION: House Bill 47-22

At Housing North, we believe it is important to understand the balance needed between keeping houses available for the local year-round workforce and providing places for our visitors to stay when they come up North. We also believe it is important for the local unit of government to decide on how they want to manage short-term rentals based on their community's needs and housing goals. 
We want to make you aware of House Bill 4722 which mandates all short-term rentals are by-right residential use of property, permitted in all residential zones. We believe this bill would eliminate the ability to inspect short-term rentals unless you are inspecting all dwellings in that zone, including owner-occupied units. This preemption of the local authority would eliminate all local zoning control of these uses and would exempt Short Term Rentals from reasonable local land use regulations that help to incentivize long-term housing units. 

Housing North encourages you to call, email, and send letters to your legislators to voice your opinion as to why this should remain something that local units of government decide on. 
When short-term rentals remove existing long-term housing units from the market, it is one less home in our community to house teachers, families with kids in local schools, to house year-round residents who will run for local office, volunteer with local organizations, and shop at local businesses. 

Ensuring a balance between permanent year-round housing and short-term rentals is important for the long-term growth of our economy, and we urge our legislators to dig in and find a constructive balance.

Housing North Helps Launch the Michigan Housing Coalition: Legislation to Address State’s Housing Crisis

On April 15th, 2021, Housing North and the Michigan Housing Coalition launched the legislative agenda with initiatives that will bring more housing opportunities for our communities. To learn more about the agenda launch, click here.