The Homes for Our Future campaign is a Housing North program, designed to support its strategic priority of building awareness about housing solutions to the many audiences that play roles in those solutions.


A shortage of housing in Northwest Michigan is taking a toll on residents and businesses. Many residents struggle to make ends meet while living in housing that’s too expensive for their budgets – or they spend more money and time on long commutes to and from work and services. Many young families leave the region to find lower costs of living, and all too often, potential residents turn down job offers in the region because they can’t find housing they can afford. Businesses that have opportunities to grow are often unable to hire new employees from outside of the region - because they can’t find the home they need at a price they can afford.


As housing agencies, local governments, developers, and employers work to address the region’s housing shortages, they continue to run up against the same challenges in the development system:

  • Land and development costs that make housing unaffordable

  • Zoning that doesn’t allow the type of housing that’s needed or more affordable

  • Public opposition to new development or zoning changes

  • Taxing and funding criteria that discourage the types of development that are needed


As Northwest Michigan communities began to address the development system, Housing North was organized to offer assistance with some of these systemic issues.

Housing North was organized in 2018 by a cross-sector group of regional housing partners to overcome the communications, policy, and financial barriers that stand in the way of housing solutions. It's governed by a ten-county Board of Directors that represent business; philanthropy; local, county, and tribal government; workforce development; and housing agencies. Housing North activities are supported by partners including Rotary Charities of Traverse City, the Frey Foundation, and Networks Northwest. is a 501c3 that supports communities, developers, employers, and other stakeholders as they work to create housing in Northwest Michigan.

For more information about Housing North, please visit housingnorth.org.