The Leelanau County Board of Commissioners approved the creation of a housing committee in 2017. The Housing Action Committee (HAC) began its work as a sub-committee of the County Planning Commission, with members from local government, housing organizations, business, and the public. It focuses on regulatory barriers to housing, and how to help communities become “housing ready” with appropriate planning and zoning.The HAC is currently using a Housing Ready checklist as they conduct local government outreach, attending local meetings on request, and working to identify resources for technical assistance to local governments. The HAC also interacts regularly with related housing partners like the Northwest Michigan Housing Solutions Network, Leelanau REACH, and County boards and committees including the Board of Commissioners, the Planning Commission, and the Land Bank Authority.

Here, you will also find presentations or materials from events hosted by the Leelanau Housing Action Committee:

Michigan State University - Short Term Rentals

Networks Northwest - Approaches to Short Term Rentals