Cities, townships, counties, and tribal governments have an important part to play in housing solutions. For example, they can make it easier to build certain types of housing by changing zoning, offer incentives to lower some development costs and provide land for new development. Each community’s role will be different, but local government leadership is often the first step towards housing action.

We've put together some action steps to consider to inspire change and action in your community. You can learn more below or download the document here


Endorse the Campaign

A proactive stance on housing sends a message to developers, citizens, and businesses that your community is a partner in the solutions they need. Local governments can endorse the Homes for Our Future campaign to send that message - and can also be examples of best practices and suc­cess stories.

Sample Homes for Our Future Resolution for Local Governments

Learn More

Understanding housing needs and solutions is an important first step in moving the region forward. You can get informed by scheduling a presentation for your local planning commission or elected board, and by browsing the studies, plans and other documents available on this website. Click here for more resources and to sign up for information on presentations and meetings.

Make Your Community Housing Ready

Is your community ready for development? Or does it need to update its zoning ordinance before builders can provide the type of housing your community needs? Citizens can encourage their communities to become "Housing Ready" by completing the Housing Ready checklist. Learn more about the checklist here.

Housing Ready communities can share and promote their success on the Homes for Our Future website by contacting info@housingnorth.org.