The Little Traverse Bay Housing Partnership is a group of volunteers including private business interests, the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation, and housing stakeholders. The objective for the Partnership is to bring together key members of the housing “community”—land owners, developers, construction companies, financial institutions, local governments, major employers, property managers, nonprofit agencies, technical training institutions, realtors, architects, foundations, and others—to identify and acknowledge constraints on housing development and together develop plans for specific projects to address them.  Goals include adding between 50-100 residential units in the Petoskey-Harbor Springs area that are affordable to, and that meet the needs of, employees of area businesses and their families - including duplexes or apartments, efficiency or studio apartments, or“tiny homes,” within multi-family, multi-income, multi-use developments close to employment, services, shopping and entertainment, and public transportation.


A substantial financial gap exists to make affordable housing projects feasible.  Therefore, an additional focus of the Partnership will be to explore and catalyze development of new, locally-based financial and organizational mechanisms that can help bridge this gap.

The Little Traverse Bay Housing Partnership and Housing North held an advocacy training on January 21st 2020 in Petoskey. Sarah Lucas and Gary Howe discussed local government roles in housing, communication tips, and techniques to help citizens engage in local decision making and advocacy efforts in support of housing. To access the presentation, click here.

To learn more about the Little Traverse Bay Housing Partnership and their work, visit their website here.