Local governments can make way for housing solutions by changing zoning laws, providing tax incentives, and working proactively with development partners. The first step in all of those activities is understanding what's in place now, and what needs to be changed. Communities can use the Housing Ready Checklist to begin local conversations about needed action.

To start, your community can endorse the campaign and pass a resolution to complete the Housing Ready Checklist. Endorsing the campaign sends a powerful message to partners and developers that your community is ready to engage in partnerships for solutions; and communities can be promoted as a "Housing Ready Community" on our website once they've completed the checklist process. Housing Ready communities can share and promote their success on the Homes for Our Future website by contacting

Sample Endorsement and Housing Ready Resolution

Housing Ready Checklist

Identify Housing Ready Properties

An important step to becoming Housing Ready is to know which properties in your community could be good sites for a variety of housing types. Your local government can take that step by creating an inventory of properties that the community owns or would like to see used for housing solutions.

Schedule a Presentation to Your Planning Commission or Elected Board

Housing North staff and community housing networks can talk with your planning commission, elected board, or other local committees about housing needs and solutions, and can introduce the Housing Ready checklist and process for local government consideration. Email and staff will work with you to schedule a presentation or discussion.